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GSA Professional Development Initiative

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Spiral diagram with GSA PDI

What is the AAMC GSA PDI?

Kết quả xổ số miền nam hôm quaThe GSA PDI is a collaborative partnership between the AAMC and the GSA community driven to help all GSA professionals:

  • Stay relevant in the dynamic medical school environment.
  • Realize their potential and a fulfilling career in student affairs.
  • Work collaboratively within and across student affairs areas at their schools.
  • Develop a strong network of collegial support in the student affairs medical school community.

Why is this work important?

The role of student advocates in medical education is now more vital than ever. The dynamic and challenging medical school environment our students must face requires us to be at our best. The GSA PDI aims to engage, support, and empower all GSA professionals to:

  • Strive for and sustain a benchmark of excellence across the GSA community in service of our students and community,
  • Collaborate across the community and challenge the status quo to rise to meet the demands of today and tomorrow, and
  • Strengthen the GSA community’s position as a vital contributor in the development of future physicians and quality patient care.

What are the core components?

The GSA PDI strategy consists of four components targeted to complement and enhance medical school professional development and talent management practices:

  • The GSA Performance Framework outlines the critical behaviors that distinguish and define excellence for our work in student affairs in medical education. It is inclusive of all student advocacy roles and areas across the GSA community, and aligns with relevant LCME standards.
  • A variety of High-Value Learning solutions that align with the GSA Framework and are flexible to meet the diverse development needs and learning preferences of our community; such as articles, books, certificate programs, courses, on-the-job learning, webinars, and workshops.
  • Provide Professional Development Support through a variety of resources and tools to increase role clarity, collaboration, and the achievement of meeting goals and results; building engagement and excellence throughout our community.
  • Virtual and in-person opportunities to build and sustain a Community of Practice with colleagues and experts to: build capabilities, address and anticipate needs and changes, and share learnings to foster excellence and growth.


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